Existing Buildings (EB) Committee


  • Mission

    Our mission is to increase implementation of sustainable building operations by increasing awareness and providing resources to help the community understand the significant life-cycle cost benefits of green operational best practices and maintenance.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to transform the way buildings are operated in order to reduce their: energy and water consumption, waste
    generation, carbon footprint and operating expenses while also increasing the building’s value and creating healthier, more productive spaces for the building’s occupants.


Despite our challenging economic climate, the movement toward energy efficient retrofits of existing buildings has continued to gain momentum. Additionally, ninety-nine percent of the nation’s building stock is made up of structures that are already built or near completion. Combine that with the fact that new construction has significantly slowed, and it’s easy to see why the opportunity in improving the operational performance of existing buildings is so great. The cost to implement such projects can be justified by potential in return on investment through decreased operating expenses. Preliminary research has also indicated that green buildings may benefit from enhanced lease-up rates, improved rental premiums, reduced vacancy, appeal to occupants and, ultimately, improved terminal property value. However, renovations of existing buildings can be complex, costly, and time consuming. In making these upgrades, many corporations and institutions will pursue certifications, like LEED EB O&M and Energy Star, while others will seek to improve their building operations without third party certifications. Every individual property offers a unique challenge dependent on the asset’s age, design and location. Moreover, implementing sustainable operations and maintenance practices with existing occupants is often challenging. The subcommittee members are dedicated to pursuing and implementing the LEED EB certification program through their capital improvements, operating budgets and future tenant improvement plans in an effort to capitalize on every opportunity to improve the building‘s efficiency. The Existing Buildings subcommittee embraces all green building programs with the interest of providing a unified voice for promoting sustainable building operational practices.


This USGBC-LA subcommittee targets building owners and managers of high-rise commercial office buildings who are implementing green operations programs, and/or LEED for Existing Buildings (EB) certification. In order to keep the group meetings effective and focused, membership is restricted to this group of stakeholders. Consultants and vendors may be considered for membership on a case-by-case basis if they are heavily involved with a client’s LEED EB Certification efforts. If you would like to be considered for membership, please send us a request with a description of your involvement with green operations and maintenance. The EB subcommittee members attend quarterly forums to discuss innovations in green operations and to share experiences and lessons learned from their internal efforts and best practices. Any meetings which are open to the public will be announced in the USGBC-LA Chapter newsletters. Another way to get involved is to join the subcommittee’s social networking sites on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook that are constantly updated with the latest (EB) news, articles and trends. See the links below for additional information about how to get involved.