The USGBC-LA Greening Committee is participating, as a group, in the Friends of the Los Angeles River’s 27th annual Great LA River CleanUp: La Gran Limpieza!

This year there is an urgent need for the 27th Annual Great Los Angeles River CleanUp. The dramatic El Niño swept through the watershed washing trash from surrounding areas into the channel which needs to be removed. USGBC-LA will be participating in the April 23, 2016 Mid River cleanup at Fletch Drive & Bowtie Parcel. A full description of the cleanup is below. To learn more about the Greening Committee click here.

This event is a great opportunity to see the LA River ‘from the inside’ and team build with USGBC-LA. We have already registered a group and at this time we are building the list of volunteers. Please considering joining us and bettering Los Angeles by making it a cleaner place.

You do not need to be a USGBC member or a member of the Greening Committee to sign up.



By signing up you will receive our reminder emails with ‘day of info’ with specifics about where to meet. We would like to take a group photo at the event before we get started.


As a volunteer you must complete the below waiver and turn it in at the Cleanup. Please download the waiver using the link below and complete the waiver in advance. Bring the signed and printed waiver to the Cleanup and turn it into FoLAR when signing in for the day.

Click here to download the waiver.



USGBC-LA will be participating in the April 23, 2016 Mid River Cleanup at Fletcher Drive & Bowtie Parcel.



Fletcher Drive & Bowtie Parcel

Saturday, April 23 | 9 am – 12 noon

The Fletcher Drive & Bowtie Parcel is located in the scenic Glendale Narrows, the central and longest natural area of the LA River. The site features historic Fletcher Drive Bridge (completed in 1927). The soft bottom river is home to ducks, cormorants, herons, and egrets. The site is just across from the beginning of the River’s Recreation Zone, where both kayaking and fishing are allowed from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


The Bowtie Parcel

2800 Casitas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039


Bike: Located at the downstream end of the Glendale Narrows LA River Bike Path.

Transit: Take Metro line 603 and get off at Ripple Street. Cross the bridge.

Driving: Take the 2 Freeway, exit San Fernando Road. Go northwest on San Fernando one block, then turn left onto Fletcher Drive. South on La Clede. Left on Carrillion. Right on Casitas. Drive under the 2. Pass the Storage Business. Right into Nelson-Miller parking lot.

Parking: FoLAR has permission for volunteers to park at Nelson-Miller Industrial Park. There is pedestrian access to the river from the lot.

Click here to learn about sponsorship opportunities.