Green schools are healthier for students and teachers, better for the environment, and cost less to operate and maintain. The Los Angeles Green Schools Task Force is interested in engaging the southern California schools in a dialogue that encourages the growth of a sustainable school system, which includes the health and well-being of the students and the buildings in which they attend.




Green Apple Week Activity Toolkit USGBC LA 
(click to download details for the following activities).

Monday : Water Efficiency Activity and Pledge

Students learn about ways water is used and how to reduce that usage, then create a toothbrush holder to remind them.

Tuesday  :  Conservation for Our Nation

Teach students a fun chant that helps them remember easy conservation habits.

Wednesday : Pizza Box Solar Oven Project

Construct a mini solar oven to warm up treats and learn how the sun provides energy.

Thursday : T‐shirt Tote Bag Upcycle an old t‐shirt from home into a functional and stylish tote bag for books, groceries and more.

Friday : Native Plant Bingo

A game of bingo with an educational goal: help students identify California Native Plants for their home garden.

Saturday : Green Apple Day of Service

Today is the big day. Events will be held all over Los Angeles and we encourage students, teachers, faculty, staff and parents to all get involved. Visit to find an event near you and share the information.

Want more Projects? Click here for over 100 ideas to green your school.


For more information contact the Co-Chairs, Julia Eiko Hawkinson & Reilly Loveland