Greenbuild is Coming to Los Angeles!

The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, which was launched in 2002, is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. Greenbuild features several days of inspiring speakers, industry showcases, specialty workshops, tours of the host city’s green buildings and invaluable networking opportunities. The event has been hosted in major cities across the U.S., including Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. In October 2016, Greenbuild is coming to Los Angeles for the first time and the USGBC – LA Chapter is serving as the host chapter!

Greenbuild is expected to bring over 20,000 visitors and 32 million dollars in business to the Los Angeles area. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to showcase local projects and expertise while bringing attention to issues of particular importance to our region. While Greenbuild is a meeting of national and international experts in the field during one week in October 2016, our goal is to leverage the event to engage the broader local community in discussions and activities that raise awareness around sustainability and the built environment throughout the year leading up to the event.

Host Chapter Role

The Greenbuild team at USGBC (national) is responsible for overall conference planning and management, including running the process by which sessions are chosen, soliciting sponsors, managing registration, and conference greening.

The official duties for us as the Host Chapter include:

  • Forming an Honorary Host Committee, typically led by the Mayor
  • Forming a working Host Committee, which includes seven subcommittees
  • Recruiting and working with official Local Partner Organizations (20-30) on conference promotion
  • Producing 35+ half and full day regional green building tours
  • Identifying and coordinating a Greenbuild Legacy Project – a permanent gift of service to the city that targets low-income populations, is community supported and has an educational component
  • Working with local hotels and businesses on greening their operations and promoting their offerings
  • Recruiting and coordinating 700 – 800 student volunteers

Outside of these official capacities, hosting Greenbuild is an opportunity for us to show-off Los Angeles and our region as a global model of a sustainable and culturally vibrant community. Visitors should come away from the conference recognizing the Los Angeles area is progressive and forward thinking in terms of its greening efforts, and more hip and culturally rich than they imagined.

Meet The Host Committee



Top Row from left to right: Sara Neff, Fernanda Zuin, Maya Henderson, Randy Britt, Annie Argento, Veronica Flores, Lisa Tholen, Dominique Hargreaves, Mike Bennett, Yu-Ngok Lo

Kneeling from left to right: Coomy Kadribegovic, Holly Hill, Hilary Firestone, Drew Shula, Emily Sumner

Not pictured: Jed Donaldson, Stuart Cooley, Marilyn Lampel, Joshua Hickman

DOWNLOAD the Greenbuild Host Committee Contact List


  • Host Committee  The Host Committee is led by two Co-Chairs who are the primary leaders of our Greenbuild efforts.  The Host Committee Chairs help to plot our overall vision and work with subcommittees to set and ensure they are meeting their goals and timelines. This Committee will also be populated by the Co-Chairs of each subcommittee, the USGBC-LA Executive Director, and a board liaison.
  • Co-Chairs Annie Argento & Randy Britt
  • Board Chair Sara Neff
  • Subcommittees – Each subcommittee is led by two Co-Chairs, and made of approximately 15 additional volunteers.
    • Local Partners and Regional Outreach Committee  Objective: To create and/or strengthen relationships with local and regional governments, educational and cultural institutions and nonprofit organizations to ensure a strong local presence at Greenbuild 2016. Co-Chairs Emily Sumner & Mike Bennett
    • Green Building Tours Committee  Objective: To provide Greenbuild attendees with innovative and educational green building tours; to help identify and select green building tour sites and circuits; to plan the logistics of tour operation; and to execute the Green Building Tour Program on-site in coordination with USGBC. Co-Chairs Lisa Tholen & Joshua Hickman
    • Legacy Project Committee  Objective: To identify and execute a Legacy Project as a means of service, education and thanks to the local community for hosting Greenbuild; to fundraise additional dollars for the project beyond seed money provided by USGBC. Co-Chairs Maya Henderson & Coomy Kadribegovic
    • Greening Committee  Objective: To work with the USGBC and USGBC-LA staff to convene conversations about and create educational opportunities around sustainable operations of the Los Angeles region’s hospitality and service industry; and promote green efforts of local businesses. Co-Chairs Drew Shula and Jed Donaldson
    • Volunteer Staffing and Coordination Committee  Objective: To recruit and coordinate logistics of 700-800 student and young professional volunteers to assist with on-site tasks related to Greenbuild 2016. Co-Chairs Yu-Ngok Lo & Stuart Cooley
    • Ambassadors Committee  Objective: To ensure that USGBC (National) and USGBC-LA are connected to the region’s sustainability VIPs; to cultivate relationships; and to deliver sponsorships for Greenbuild and Chapter-related Greenbuild activities (tours, Legacy Project, and special events, such as the Host Chapter Lounge and Host Chapter Party). Co-Chairs Holly Hill & Hilary Firestone
    • Momentum Committee – Objective: To promote and protect the spirit of the USGBC-LA community via planning post-Greenbuild events that capitalize on the momentum of Greenbuild 2016 to keep our new members excited about the mission of USGBC-LA. Co-Chairs Marilyn Lampel & Veronica Flores

Host Committee Benefits

Volunteering for the Host Committee is a unique opportunity for local building professionals to get behind-the-scenes of this global celebration of green building and make it an even more memorable event than the past ones. Committee work offers opportunities to grow personally and professionally; to network with the region’s sustainability leaders, and to better the local green economy.

Volunteer With The Host Committee

We are seeking committee volunteers. Interested candidates must complete an online application detailing availability, interest, professional background, USGBC-LA experience, skills, and attributes.