Veggie Bus USGBC-LA 2017 Legacy Project

The 2017 Legacy Project awardee is Community Services Unlimited (CSU). CSU’s Veggie Bus Classroom Project is an upcycle design project that will transform their no-longer operating bus into a classroom, plant nursery and seed library that will be permanently based at their head-quarters, the Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center (PRCWC), located in South Central Los Angeles (SCLA). This project will benefit residents of SCLA who participate in educational programs and classes offered by CSU.

Volunteers Needed!

Please join us as we work to transform the bus into a sustainable design destination! USGBC-LA and CSU will host a monthly service day for volunteers to assist in the design and renovation of the bus. All persons and talents are welcome! For your safety and comfort we recommend volunteers wear comfortable clothing for working outdoors and closed-toe shoes.

Upcoming Volunteer Dayss

Saturday, 8/12 – More Details

Saturday, 9/9 – More Details

Please visit CSU’s website,, for more information on their community work and building renovation plans.

Please check back soon for more updates on the 2017 Legacy Project, Veggies Bus!

Eco-Tech Makerspace, The 2016 Greenbuild LA Legacy Project

The 2016 Greenbuild Legacy Project, Eco-Tech Maker Space, was brought to us by Two-Bit Circus Foundation (formerly The installation of a tech lab, equipped with laptops, laser cutter and 3D printer, amplifies the S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programming already underway at the foundation’s headquarters in manufacturing-heavy Gardena. Eco-Tech Makerspace provides local students and community members access to technology capable of cultivating the future leaders of a green economy.

The Eco-Tech Makerspace can now serve as a technology hub for local schools and the greater community to engage and learn with S.T.E.A.M. concepts and tools.  It also gives Gardena and neighboring cities the opportunity to prepare for the rapidly changing job market, which will continue to see strong growth in science and technology based careers. With the Eco-Tech Makerspace serving the Greater Los Angeles community, USGBC-LA and Two-Bit Circus Foundation are poised to aid in the development of our society’s future innovators and change-makers.

Project Updates:

Shade Canopy

During the design-build process for the Eco-Tech Makerspace, the project team realized a shade canopy in front of the Two-Bit Circus Foundation warehouse building would benefit and enhance the site. A shade canopy would make the space more inviting and comfortable for all users.

The USGBC-LA Legacy Project Committee is seeking support to install the proposed shade structure. This addition to the project will help ensure the comfort, versatility and productivity of the lab site year round. The building experiences a considerable amount of heat gain due to direct sunlight on the east-facing wall that can negatively impacts the ability to host programs. A canopy would allow the interior to realize its full potential and activate the exterior area in front of the building enabling safe and affordable programing, especially during summer months.

For more information, to get involved or to donate please contact Maya Henderson at

Thank you to the Legacy Project Supporters

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