Month: May 2017

Many of the ideas for advancing urban sustainability entail “smart” technologies. That is, setting up networks of cameras, detectors, or other sensors that can be useful for more efficiently and effectively managing traffic (including public transit), landscape management, public safety, and public security. Implicit in these kinds of “smart” initiatives is that they rely on […]
In the middle of Cologne, Germany, along a bustling street near City Hall and the Mayor’s Office, there is a doorway with stairs that lead to the past. The Praetorium is the palace of the Roman governor, and lies relatively intact below existing government buildings. Like much of this city, the Romans and all of […]
I believe people think of environmentalism as something like tree-hugging, veganism, or even being extremely frugal. Yet, many of us forget to look at our individual contributions that don’t fit into our perception of an environmentalist. This last year as a master’s degree candidate at Loyola Marymount University has helped me connect the dots between […]
I’m reading Philip Langdon’s new book, Within Walking Distance: Creating Livable Communities for All and I’m thinking about neighborhoods. In the back of my mind is the song “Walking in LA” by Missing Persons. But first, I used to go to Kemah, TX to give workshops on grant writing. I’d get dropped off at the […]
Against the backdrop of recent awareness-building events designed to bolster against the political sludge oozing out of Washington DC, I spent Friday, April 28th at the 11th Annual Summit on Sustainability at the Getty Center, put together by the Los Angeles Business Council. There was no shortage of powerful rhetoric, but there was a new flavor of […]

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