There is a lot to be grateful for in the sustainability world as we head into the Fall and another Net Zero Conference at the LA Convention Center on September 15th. The passing of the timely-named Inflation Reduction Act for one, allocating $369 billion to clean energy & infrastructure projects. This mark of investment on […]
They’re coming together, and not a minute too soon. Multiple drivers are forcing sustainability to the top of the agenda. Climate change, investor focus on ESG performance, broader public awareness pertaining to environmental degradation, and a renewed focus on equity in the built environment are part of a powerful confluence of factors pushing the architecture, […]
The energy transformation we are building to protect our future in California promises to fundamentally change how we power our buildings.
Keep yourself and your community in the loop! We have the tools and it’s free to participate.
Roughly 23% of national waste generation comes from construction and demolition.
The history of Havana is imprinted in its architecture and as I recently walked the streets of different neighborhoods, I could see that history unfold as I learned from her people about their past, present and dreams for their future.
We sit at a profound moment in our green building movement, in many ways that moment we have been waiting for since we started this journey.
In order to deepen my knowledge to speak about green homes in a more compelling, yet not preachy manner, I started a podcast, Home Green Homes.­
Projects now require an understanding of current and emerging technologies, processes, and improved coordination across disciplines.
Extensive research has been conducted on costs, savings, and performance regarding LEED buildings—overall showcasing that LEED properties save energy and water and therefore decrease overall operating costs.
LEED certified buildings have been helping California meet AB 32 Scoping Plan targets of reducing GHG emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 primarily through energy efficiency improvements of an average of 27% above the reference code.[
Will this new legislation make it easier or harder for me and my sister to recycle? We’ll see. The first step is telling people that expectations are changing and we may soon need many more recycling centers – and attendants to run them.

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