How hard could it be to understand construction waste?  I know what waste is. I’ve been told all my life.  It’s something I no longer want or need – something that doesn’t have a use, like a weed.  But, like a weed that finds a purpose, construction and demolition materials (C&D) are one of the […]
For me, the events of recent weeks have been inspiring and brought back this feeling in my chest I used to know so well. No, it’s not just the hints of Fall in the air or that I stopped at Philippe’s for lunch recently. It’s that maybe, just maybe, we are starting to see some […]
SB 720, signed last year at Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit, made environmental literacy an integral part of California’s education code. A set of Environmental Principles and Concepts are now embedded in the state’s Next Generation Science Standards framework, as well as the health, history and social studies frameworks. As districts respond to the mandate to […]
As summer comes to an unofficial close, and the mind has the time to wonder this long weekend, we’d like to share Duke Graham’s (of Argento/Graham) broad thoughts on sustainability, creating some new metaphors that might spark lively conversation at your next picnic or cocktail party.  Below re-posts a whimsical piece on market forces in energy […]
Community. This word is bantered about these days without much of the meaning that really should be associated with it. We as a people are social animals and connection to each other is an incredibly important part of what makes us who we are. In these modern times, we form these communities in very different […]
Across the world, the push to mandate net zero buildings – buildings that produce as much energy and/or water as they consume annually – is growing. Perhaps the biggest move has been made by the state of California, home to the U.S. Green Building Council Los Angeles (USGBC-LA), which is requiring 100% of new residential […]
  As we are about to announce the first cohort of our Net Zero Accelerator, and have a new LEED Zero Program webinar and the Net Zero Conference coming up, the net zero topic is front of mind.  To that end, we are re-posting here a thorough piece on relevant design strategies written by Gensler’s […]
You’ve got talent and we believe in you. We believe in you so much we want to find new and better ways to tell the world about you. We also know you want to get better, you want to learn more, and have new experiences that open your eyes to what is possible. Help us […]
Having an environmentally conscious father had a huge impact on my life. I remember him teaching me everything – like picking up trash while we hiked up mountains, seeing him ride his bike to work no matter if it were 5 or 10 miles away, and turning off lights as we walked out of rooms. […]
USGBC-LA Members. Yes, it’s true…we surveyed you. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as we told you about it first and it was a voluntary survey. Thank you to the ten percent or so that filled it out as that not only makes it statistically significant, but we greatly appreciate you putting in […]
Decarbonization is not only the best thing for the planet, it is also the best thing you could do for your own health.  This year’s 18th Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo in Downey, CA, themed Climate Change Solutions in the New Abnormal, resonated with me. I personally connected with the presentation centered on decarbonization […]
By: Jennifer Tung Jennifer is an associate with Hunt Ortmann Paiffy Nieves Darling & Mah, Inc. Spring is officially here!  Full of new possibilities, it is a time of renewal and recharge.  It’s also a time of new local and statewide policy proposals!  So what better time than now to reflect on some of […]

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