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Connecting the Links in the Recycling Chain

  The other day I was talking to my sister, as I usually do, about our day and the mysteries that surround us. Our conversation drifted from the goblins of

Utilize Daylight to Promote Health and Well-being in the Workplace

As we slowly return to the office, a primary thought on building owners’ minds is how to keep us physically safe… but is that all they should think about? The

When the Heat is On, We Can All Do a Little More – One Way is Greening your Gaming

Many of us are using technology more now than ever – texting, watching videos, Teams/Zoom – and the devices we use require electricity to charge the batteries in our devices. 

My ‘Natural’ Path into a Green Building Career

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I spend most of my time outdoors. But my love for the environment began outside of the city, mile by mile, for thousands of

Green Buildings and a Circular Economy

It’s well documented that our global society today is resource intensive and that human activities are accelerating global climate change, and that we must take urgent action. While there are

Building LA in Unprecedented Times

In a time when contingency planners are getting a run for their money, we are all looking to our leaders and colleagues for guidance now more than ever. The USGBC-LA

Measure twice, cut once with the USGBC-LA Construction Committee

How hard could it be to understand construction waste?  I know what waste is. I’ve been told all my life.  It’s something I no longer want or need – something

Students See Opportunity for Environmental Literacy in Green Facility Programs

SB 720, signed last year at Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit, made environmental literacy an integral part of California’s education code. A set of Environmental Principles and Concepts are now embedded

Energy-Food Nexus

As summer comes to an unofficial close, and the mind has the time to wonder this long weekend, we’d like to share Duke Graham’s (of Argento/Graham) broad thoughts on sustainability, creating

Finding Her Career Direction Inspired by Dad, Mentors and now, USGBC-LA Internship

Having an environmentally conscious father had a huge impact on my life. I remember him teaching me everything – like picking up trash while we hiked up mountains, seeing him