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Using Certified Renewable Energy to Meet LEED Criteria in California

  An edited version of this appears on the USGBC National website. Introduction LEED certified buildings have been helping California meet AB 32 Scoping Plan targets of reducing GHG emissions

Historic Preservation is also Carbon Preservation

An edited version of this appears on the USGBC National website. To demo or not to demo, that is the question. For years when we spoke about our buildings’ carbon footprint,

The Challenges and Opportunities of Decarbonizing Affordable Housing

  Nonprofit affordable housing providers play a unique, multifaceted role in our cities. Community Corporation of Santa Monica makes it our mission to help lower income residents live more stable,

Looking to jumpstart your environmental career? You are not alone.

It was a normal Monday morning in the office. I flipped on my computer and started a quick review of my Outlook inbox to check off ‘hot list’ items for

Selecting Office Furniture for LEED V4.1 – Part II of II: IEQ Credits

(Part I has been previously posted.) Choosing low-emitting, sustainable furniture is important for all projects, especially those pursuing LEED. Part I of this blog shared insights on how furniture can

Selecting Office Furniture for LEED V4.1 – Part I of II: MR Credits

An edited version of this appears on the USGBC National website. Every day, people work in and around spaces filled with furniture, but how many of us know how our

Costa Mesa leads the Golden State with a LEED for Cities Gold Certification

Nine EV Charge Ports at City Hall, including one DC Fast Charger An edited version of this appears on the USGBC National website. When LEED for Cities and Communities launched

A New Approach to Energy Resiliency

In mid-August, California experienced rotating outages and associated grid stress throughout the state.  No one factor was at fault. According to California regulators, the outages were a result of a

My Journey to Becoming a Green Entrepreneur – and What Keeps Me Going

  This January will mark the fifth anniversary of establishing ePAVE and my commitment to climate action. ePAVE is a patented, reflective, cool pavement coating material specifically engineered to preserve

Mitigate Long-term Care Infection and Other Risks: Train and Credential Healthcare Construction Personnel

On March 17th of this year, my beloved mom passed away. Just nine days short of her 100th birthday, she had become quite challenged, and like many other Americans, required