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My Journey to Becoming a Green Entrepreneur – and What Keeps Me Going

  This January will mark the fifth anniversary of establishing ePAVE and my commitment to climate action. ePAVE is a patented, reflective, cool pavement coating material specifically engineered to preserve

Mitigate Long-term Care Infection and Other Risks: Train and Credential Healthcare Construction Personnel

On March 17th of this year, my beloved mom passed away. Just nine days short of her 100th birthday, she had become quite challenged, and like many other Americans, required

LEED Zero: Kicking Sustainability Up A Notch

For many years, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)’s LEED program has re-shaped the building stock and helped to skyrocket the number of energy and water efficient buildings on the

Since COVID-19 won’t be the last virus that jumps from animals to humans, what can green designers and builders do or inspire?

With the many threats humanity faces brought about by COVID-19, much emphasis in the green building sector is focusing on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) improvements and workplace best practices. While

Growth and Evolution of LEED for Cities and Communities

Cities are one of the most powerful tools we have to shift from an extractive to a regenerative way of life. Realigning cities with their geography, climate, and ecosystems can

CIRCULARITY – It is more than just recycling on Steroids

Now that so many of us are required to work remotely and stay home more than we are used to, we are generating more waste and our overflowing recycling bins

The Social Impacts of Green (and Not-So-Green) Materials

With a wave of activism around the larger social impact of green building materials and new research into their life cycle performance, it’s no longer enough for a building to

Landscape Design’s Next Challenge: Welcoming Millennials Back to the Suburbs

Let’s face it. The appeal of urban living is easy to understand. Here in LA, we have access to some of the world’s best restaurants, museums, shopping, and attractions that

Key Insights from IASS Program in Digitalization and Energy Transition

[This article was written by Salem Afeworki (bio below), in collaboration with Susanne Kurowski — Research associate, Professorship for Innovation and Technology Management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

4 Reasons the Future Is So Bright Your Employees Will Have to Wear Shades

Some days it’s a bit tough to remain the ’stubborn optimists’ that we all are in our green building world, seeing and feeling the very present impacts of climate change.