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Why USGBC-LA Should Be Landscapers’ Industry Association of Choice

The US Green Building Council – with the USGBC-LA as the local chapter that runs from the beach to the Arizona border – is the premier industry advocacy and organizing

Solving Global Waste Challenges Begins with Daily Choices

The Athens Services Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Sun Valley, is one of the highest-tech facilities in the industry, and receives 100% of its materials from Los Angeles. If you

Environmental Product Declarations 101

By now you’re likely aware of the big changes to the Materials and Resources (M&R) credits under LEED v4. If not, the following article might come as a surprise. Regardless,

Net Zero Energy + Water + Waste: Be a Part of the Conversation!

In the weeks leading up to the Net Zero 2017: Energy + Water + Waste conference – now in its fourth year – the excitement is mounting. This year will

What We Count Counts

Numbers are powerful. They provide context, status, and proximity to goals. They can be used to shame or celebrate.  Often they are presented as irrevocable facts, but we can ‘work’