Our sustainability work is focused on reducing or eliminating the environmental impacts of our buildings and improving the quality of life for our communities. USGBC-LA’s resilience work looks to take this philosophy and integrate the practice of designing our built environment to endure physical, social and economic shocks and stresses, in particular those caused by the impacts of climate change.

Landscaper Certification Program

The California Native Plant Landscape Curriculum (CNPLC)/El Currículo de Paisaje de Plantas Nativas de California is a nine-part series that covers everything you need to know as a landscaper to

Green Schools

Our Green Schools initiative is devoted to bringing the fundamentals of sustainability education to schools in our region at varying age levels as well as providing campus needs through USGBC-LA

Wildfire Defense Education and Tours

Our region now faces a 365-days-a-year fire season with devastating and potentially deadly consequences. There are, however, steps Angelenos can take to protect properties, mitigate the region’s fire danger, and

Building Resilience Los Angeles: A Primer for Facilities

Led by USGBC-LA, Building Resilience Los Angeles includes a broad coalition of leading experts from across the resilience spectrum, including academics, scientists, building owners, local government, architects and engineers, emergency

Resiliency Training

USGBC-LA offers a variety of resilience training programs that can be customized for your organization and audience as needed.

Building Resilience LA

Our buildings and communities are vulnerable to a wide range of short- and long-term risks.

Green Rebuilding Initiative

The Green Rebuilding Initiative was born out of a partnership  with Global Green at Ventura Strong, a gathering of Ventura residents affected by the Thomas Fire.  Homeowners registered their interest

Imagine a world where all our buildings were built to mind the environment.