Green Schools

Our Green Schools initiative provides the infrastructure for contributing to the Green Apple Day of Service as well as impactful Sustainability Education for all types of schools.

Program Overview

As part of our Green Schools Program, with the support of LADWP through their Community Outreach Grant, USGBC-LA has teamed up with Buildings Skills Partnership (BSP), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and LA Unified School District (LAUSD) to work with schools throughout the LA region to offer a holistic approach to promoting on-campus sustainability and off-campus cultural change that will directly impact energy, water, and waste use.

In an effort to tailor sustainability education to the unique audiences of our school communities, we're offering to virtually bring a Sustainability Fundamentals Speaker to your school!

This distance learning opportunity offers a high-level overview of the concepts around sustainability with a focus on energy and water savings. It will be delivered by USGBC-LA volunteers from USGBC-LA’s member base of architects, engineers, sustainability professionals, and more who would also be asked to talk about their career paths.

Sustainability Fundamentals Speaker Presentation

This presentation provides a high level overview of the concepts around sustainability with a focus on energy and water savings. It will be delivered by USGBC-LA members and volunteers from USGBC-LA’s member base of architects, engineers, sustainability professionals, and more who would also be asked to talk about their career paths. 


Sustainability Fundamentals Training for Teachers and Parents

This 90-minute workshop will cover the fundamentals of sustainability as well as programs attendees can take advantage of through LADWP Rebates and Programs described below.

Check out some of our Sustainability Fundamentals Speaker Sessions!


Green Janitor Education Program for Schools

USGBC-LA in collaboration with Buildings Skills Partnership, SEIU and LAUSD, will provide training through the existing Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP)to the LAUSD on-campus custodial staff, adapting the curriculum for schools and incorporating peer instruction from existing program graduates. GJEP involves 30 hours of hands-on sustainability training to address operations and maintenance (O+M) practices with a focus on green performance standards, addressing energy efficiency, recycling, waste management, water conservation, and other sustainable and green cleaning practices. 

The state-certified program, which has graduated over 1,400 janitors to date, teaches janitors the fundamental knowledge behind green maintenance practices, the technical skills to implement these practices, and tailors instruction to the specific sustainability goals and procedures of their workplace. 

76% of GJEP buildings see a decrease in energy and water usage and have documented 5.67% energy savings in a portfolio of commercial buildings that have participated. Survey results of the custodial staff indicate positive changes in conservation behaviors, both at the workplace and in their homes. 

The GJEP program is available for all types of buildings and you can find more information on this page, including GJEP curriculum outline, benefits and information on how to enroll for the program. 

To complete the Green Schools Initiative, USGBC-LA will document energy and water savings from the participating campuses using their utility bills, and from the student households from their utility bills and surveys. These will be compared to bills prior to the program.

USGBC-LA believes this holistic approach to educating staff, teachers, students, and parents will create high-level awareness of sustainability best practices on and off campus with all the participants in the campus community, creating reinforcing mechanisms throughout the school.

We also invite you to check out the USGBC National Learning Lab Website with valuable FREE resources for students, educators and parents that can be used for distance learning during this global pandemic time.



Green Apple Day of Service brings together volunteers, parents, teachers, students, companies, and local organizations to contribute to sustainability projects in local schools that create a lasting impact. The Green Apple Day of Service is your day of action.

Want $500 To Help Green Your Child’s School?

The USGBC-LA Green Schools Committee is seeking applications for microgrants for green schools’ projects to be completed in the 2019-2020 School Year. Successful past projects have included:

  • Tree planting
  • Garden installation/expansion
  • Green wall installations
  • Mural painting
  • Dishwasher installation to reduce the use of disposable dishware
  • In-Classroom education
  • Air quality testing
  • Energy, water, and waste audits

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please email Fernanda Zuin for questions.


LADWP Rebates & Programs

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Landscaper Certification Program

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The Green Building Corps

The USGBC-LA Green Building Corps delivers a structured volunteer engagement program that provides the unemployed and underemployed with valuable experience, relationships, and contributions towards green building projects that benefit the

Women in Green

Women have led the way in imbuing our values of caring for people and the planet into our common spaces, a perspective more valuable to the world than ever before.

Legacy Project

The annual Legacy Project is a gift to the under-served communities in our region from the USGBC-LA members who assist in designing, building, and supporting it. The Legacy Project team

Sustainable Innovation Awards

The Sustainable Innovation Awards offer prestige and affirmation of your commitment to a sustainable built environment. Unlike standardized rating systems, the Sustainable Innovation Awards evaluate merit based upon sustainable strategies