Legacy Project

The annual Legacy Project is a gift to the under-served communities in our region from the USGBC-LA members who assist in designing, building, and supporting it. The Legacy Project team strives to ensure the project is community-supported, has an educational and sustainable focus, is replicable, and serves a variety of social-economic conditions.

The USGBC-LA Legacy Project began in 2016 with the goal of bridging the gap between social equity and environmental resiliency as we recognize certain communities are more impacted by the effects of climate change. Historical injustices, de-facto segregation, and geographic location collaborate to create the resource disparities seen in Los Angeles today, making equity a critical component of building a sustainable city for all residents.

The Legacy Project Committee was created for the purpose of selecting the recipient of USGBC-LA’s annual Legacy Project Grant. The Legacy Project is intended to empower local individuals and organizations to implement programs that nurture sustainability and social equity within their respective neighborhoods. The Legacy Project Committee strives to ensure the selected project is community-supported, has an educational and sustainable focus, is replicable, and serves a variety of socio-economic conditions.

Upon selecting each year’s project, the Committee assists with design & development, volunteer support, and resource referral to ensure the recipient team’s capacity to serve its target community effectively. Check out the latest Press Release about our Legacy Project!

Legacy Project 2022 Request for Proposals is now open! Submit your application here.


Together we can make Los Angeles a more sustainable and just region for all! Nominate a project to receive $20,000 in funding!

The 2021 Legacy Project was awarded to the Boyle Heights Resiliency Center, part of the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, a well-loved and respected local cultural institution. With plans featuring solar energy, water storage, battery backup power, and urban agriculture, the Hub aims to provide emergency training, communication services, and resources at a conveniently accessible community location.

Annual Legacy Project Proposal Timeline:

Month Task
Early October Issuance of RFP
End of October Deadline for Submission of Questions
November Posted Responses to Questions
Early January Proposal Submission Due Date
Mid-January Finalists Selected and Notified

Final Presentations/Judging

End of January Awardee Notified
Early February MOU Signed
Mid-February Project Kickoff
November Project Completion & Ribbon Cutting






The 2020 Legacy Project was awarded to The West Adams Resiliency Garden to support formerly incarcerated individuals with employment and healing through building and caring for a garden at McCarty Memorial Christian Church. Read our Press Release on The West Adams Resiliency Garden.

Partners for the 2020 Legacy Project:






Watch this presentation on our 2020 Legacy Project held during our Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo: Resiliency and Reentry in the Garden: The Sunflower That Grew From Concrete



The 2019 Legacy Project was awarded to the Regenerative Learning Garden (RLG) at Arroyo High School. This area is considered a food desert without access to farmers markets or farm-fresh organic produce. The RLG will serve the local community through education and engagement opportunities by demonstrating a variety of techniques for drought conditions to provide the community an opportunity and space to learn the principles of climate change and how to support watershed and regenerative landscapes. (Press Release)

Partners for the 2019 Legacy Project:

  1. Arroyo High School
  2. Eco Urban Gardens









The 2018 Legacy Project was awarded to the Discovery Garden at the Simi Valley Public Library. This project was designed to bring a natural, native garden to the community of Simi Valley, with the opportunity for education on the importance of native landscaping to reduce water consumption and promote sustainability, encourage natural wildlife, and to help inspire the members of the community to do more to conserve natural resources citywide.

The Discovery Garden repurposed an underutilized and inefficient space in order to create the native plant garden equipped with low water use, ADA-inclusive learning spaces, and providing an area for children, families, caregivers, and educators. (Press Release)

Partners for the 2018 Legacy Project:

  1. City of Simi Valley
  2. Theodore Payne Foundation



The 2017 Legacy Project was awarded to Community Services Unlimited, Inc. to transform a school bus no longer in use into a classroom and plant nursery. The Veggie Bus serves communities in South Los Angeles through education and provides a tangible solution to urban agriculture and sustainability for the community. (Press Release 

Partners for the 2017 Legacy Project:

  1. Community Services Unlimited, Inc.








The 2016 Legacy Project was awarded to (formerly Trash 4 Teaching, now Two Bit Circus) to help build out the Eco-Tech Maker Space which offered the Gardena community S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) curricula, hands-on learning, and environmental stewardship emanating from the reuse of discarded, safe manufacturing materials. This project, initiated in conjunction with USGBC-LA’s hosting of 2016 Greenbuild, initially serviced five area Title 1 LAUSD schools, prior to the general community. (Press Release)

Partners for the 2016 Legacy Project:

  1. T4T (formerly Trash 4 Teaching, now Two Bit Circus)
  2. Wazoku


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The USGBC-LA Legacy Project Committee invites you to submit a proposal for the 2022 Legacy Project! The selected project will receive $20,000 in funding and expert project support from USGBC-LA’s wide network of professionals. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the proposal application for 2022. 


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