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The Electrified Construction Coalition

USGBC-LA, in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles and local leaders throughout the real estate and construction industry, has formed a coalition to bring electrified construction equipment to the greater L.A. region. This includes increasing access to equipment as well as addressing cost, education, environmental quality, and infrastructure. 

We recognize that electrified construction equipment has the potential to:

  1. Reduce construction site related greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  3. Reduce air pollution while improving air quality for workers and residents
  4. Reduce noise pollution for workers and residents

Today there is little knowledge of infrastructure in place to support onsite implementation and use of this equipment in the U.S. As a result, the availability of equipment is also highly limited. Together we strive to increase awareness and access to these solutions to make clean construction a reality, position L.A. as a global leader on this issue, and change the narrative of dirty, polluting construction sites in our cities.

We are seeking partners to demonstrate local potential by providing access to discounted or rental equipment as well as pilot construction sites, charging infrastructure, and more to support electrified construction in Southern California. We will actively bring together partners, help develop pilot projects, and promote available equipment to demonstrate:

Heavy Duty Equipment – Cranes, Excavators, Rollers, Drilling Rigs

Medium Duty Equipment – Cement Mixers, Loaders, Backhoes, Dumpers, Lifts

Light Duty Equipment – Forklifts, Lighting, Generators, Rammers, Tools

Charging Infrastructure – Renewables, Energy Storage, Charging


Join or sponsor the Coalition today!

This is a rare opportunity to be part of a group of leaders defining the future of construction and your participation will result in: 

  • Participation in press releases and other media
  • Case Studies and Speaking Opportunities
  • Learning-through-experience for you and your team
  • Exclusive access at discounted costs to innovative electrified construction equipment
  • Reduction of construction site emissions, air and noise pollution, and operating costs


Please contact Ben Stapleton, Executive Director, USGBC-LA at for more information and help bring clean construction home today!

Download our brochure here!


Our Coalition Partners Include:

The USGBC-LA Construction Committee


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