Wildfire Defense Education and Tours

Our region now faces a 365-days-a-year fire season with devastating and potentially deadly consequences. There are, however, steps Angelenos can take to protect properties, mitigate the region’s fire danger, and increase the city’s resilience. Architects, builders, developers, urban planners, and landscapers have critical roles to play and that’s why the green building community is taking action.

Program Overview

SoCal residents, the real estate industry, and our green building community can and must take effective actions to save lives and property while mitigating our fire risk. USGBC-LA’s Wildfire Defense Education and Tours program increases awareness by providing know-how, reducing confusion, and infusing communities with hope and support. Our content is designed to empower property owners, designers, and managers to proactively reduce wildfire hazards to minimize the loss of property and life.

We provide education and host property tours in Wildfire Risk Areas

Our tours showcase specific risk reduction strategies, including the latest home-hardening and firewise landscaping strategies to professionals as well as the public. These tours are supported by webinars designed to dispel myths and offer clear, substantive guidance for fire mitigation and safety. Attendees will learn such items as:

  • The importance of location in relation to fire pathways
  • Simple vs. complex design to minimize building heat traps
  • Low ignition materials and sealed building envelope
  • Effective defensible space 
  • Strategic (firewise native) plant choice and placement; Removal of highly flammable and invasive grasses and trees

Stay tuned for our next Wildfire Defense Tour to be hosted in the fall of 2021!

USGBC-LA Thought Leadership Series: Reducing California's Fire Risk

USGBC-LA brought together the sustainability, green building, and fire prevention communities to jointly address wildfire resilience across California. This event included virtual tours and expert interviews provided by local green building chapters in Northern and Southern California, multiple keynotes from community leaders, and featured panels from industry experts addressing the issues from a community and building level.


We are in the process of updating our Wildfire Defense Toolkit with valuable and comprehensive resources related to home-hardening and wildfire defense landscaping process resources. If you would like to receive more information on the toolkit, please contact us at .


If you weren’t able to make it or would like to watch the recording of our Wildfire Defense Forum and Virtual Tour on October 21, 2021, please click here.


Check out our recordings from our Thought Leadership Series: Reducing California's Wildfire Risk event back in June 2021! 



Check out our past tours and webinars!


Resources and More!

Through our invaluable network of professionals that are part of USGBC-LA member base, we are developing an engaging online toolkit as well as a certification workshop for construction and landscaping professionals that highlights best practices and educates on firewise strategies. The toolkit and workshops will be publicly available soon!

Click here for valuable and comprehensive resources related to home-hardening and wildfire defense landscaping process resources. Do you want to be involved or would like to receive more information? Please contact us at info@usgbc-la.org.


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