Whether you are inspired by project-focused work or you enjoy connecting with your fellow colleagues and community members, there is a Member Committee for you!


All of our members gain access to our community of thought leaders, subject-matter experts, and sustainability professionals and help guide our strategic direction.

Check out our regionally-focused or task-based committees and find one that matches your interest and opens doors to collaborating with a network of authentic, purpose-driven advocates.

Connect and collaborate with our members through our online collaboration platform and searchable Member Directory.

Serve in a leadership position within a Member Committee and help guide our focus and collective community impact.

Gain access to our technical resources, training portfolio, member marketing toolkits, recorded content, and research publications.

Invest in diversifying and guiding a pipeline of future leaders, changemakers, and a greener workforce.

Influence local and regional policy-making through your professional expertise and applied passions.

Collaborate with other USGBC-LA Members, learn from leaders in the green building movement, and grow your professional and personal skill sets.

Task-based committees lead the way for greening the built environment throughout Southern California in the places that matter most and where people spend the majority of their time.

Regionally-focused committees deliver locally on the broader USGBC-LA mission. Neighborhoods are distinct and diverse providing the best opportunity to dig into local issues. Microclimates in Southern California range from subtropical to snowy mountains and each require thoughtful design and planning to create sustainable cities. You can participate in the committee where you live or work to affect positive change and connect with local leaders in sustainability.

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Building Decarbonization Committee

Collaboratively advances education, policy, and programs on building decarbonization for the greater Los Angeles Region through education, technology and tools, policy and advocacy, and materials and products.


Mel Bergsneider – Co-Chair 

Justin Di Palo – Co-Chair

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Construction Committee

Provides a space for collaboration to advance sustainability in construction for the greater Los Angeles Region through education, leadership, and access to resources.


Jessie Buckmaster –  Co-Chair

Shawn Mulligan – Co-Chair

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

The committee works to prepare and coalesce change agents in the fight for environmental, socio-economic, and racial equity, with a specific focus on the green building sector. Committee initiatives include, but are not limited to, vendor resource lists, training programs, job fairs, internship programs, mentoring, green and affordable housing advocacy, funding green community projects, and sustainability consulting.


Rick Duarte – Co-Chair

Thomas Webster – Co-Chair

Mathew Kilivris – Development & Membership Lead

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Emerging Professionals Committee

Convenes fresh new perspectives from some of the brightest minds rising in our sector. This group helps to support all of our committees and serves as a pipeline for emerging talent to grow into leadership positions within USGBC-LA and their own organizations.


Hannah Apple

Lenah Lankhaar

Mike Thompson

Grant Waldron

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Green Homes Committee

Provides a dynamic platform for exchange, engagement, and alignment to encourage healthy, sustainable, affordable, and regenerative practices in home building and living. The committee aims to address the inequities of access to information, resources, and technology by working to advance and diversify the awareness, knowledge, and innovation in greening homes through education, training, and outreach.


Izumi Tanaka – Co-Chair

Paras Nanavati – Co-Chair

Andrew Lewis – Advocacy Lead

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Green Schools Committee

Engages Southern California schools in a dialogue that encourages the growth of a sustainable school system, which includes the health and well-being of the students and the buildings in which they attend.


Neal Perkey –  Co-Chair

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Inland Empire (IE) Committee

Covers San Bernardino and Riverside Counties with a collective population of over 4.3 million people and over 1.3 million households. Implementing green building practices is crucial to the IE’s future environmental sustainability, economic success, and quality of life. A unique focus of the committee is on the positive impacts that green building can have on public health. We provide a rich and impactful series of events throughout the course of the year, such as green building tours of local sustainable buildings, green business workshops, sustainable education classes for kids, and World Water Day events.

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Legacy Project Committee

Supports USGBC-LA’s annual Legacy Project which is focused on fostering environmental, economic, and social sustainability across Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods. The selection team strives to ensure the project is community-supported, has an educational and sustainable focus, is replicable, and serves a variety of social-economic conditions. The Committee assists with design & development, volunteer support, and resource referral to serve its target community effectively. Learn more about the Legacy Project here!


Katie Freeze – Co-Chair


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Long Beach Committee

Collaborates with the key players in this sector–actively promoting energy efficient and environmentally responsible building designs that will result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and prevent depletion of our natural resources. The committee believes that, as design professionals, we need to do our part in promoting buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work.

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Los Angeles Sustainability Executives Roundtable (LASER)

Gathers corporate sustainability leaders to empower and support a stronger focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship as sound business principles. This committee is by invitation only.


Becky Feldman Edwards – Chair

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Urban Landscape Committee

Protects and expands access to high-quality green space. The focus will be on the places where nature can have the greatest impact on community health and resilience–our public schools and youth in our local, historically excluded communities.


Cassy Aoyagi – Co-Chair

Gary Lai – Co-Chair

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Westside Committee

Focuses on the provision of programs that add technical and intellectual depth to the green building process, including regional project tours, educational events, networking evenings and other opportunities that foster the collaborative exchange of ideas and information. Participant diversity is critical and our goal is to engage professionals from the A/E/C and real estate/finance sectors as well as those representing legislation and public policy, and academia.

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Women in Green Committee

Provides a forum for women and allies to make an impact in Los Angeles, build networks, celebrate women leaders, and create healthy, inclusive, sustainable, resilient communities for all.


Lisa Collicchio – Co-Chair

Christianne Schrobilgen – Co-Chair

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Volunteering is the perfect way to demonstrate your passion for sustainability. Volunteers serving 100 hours or more annually qualify for the esteemed President’s Volunteer Service Award, and professionals can earn up to 50% of their CE hours per GBCI reporting period for Committee and Branch Volunteer Work!

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Become an Annual Sponsor

Become an Annual Sponsor

We invite you to become a key player in leading the green building movement in our region!

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