All Electric


The All Electric Pathway builds on improvements made under both the High Performance and Electric Forward Pathways. This pathway maximizes your return on investment from the two previous pathways by fully electrifying all building systems and adding onsite renewable power generation, while drastically reducing onsite greenhouse gas emissions. 

The All Electric Pathway ensures that tenants will be able to use less water and electricity to heat, cool, cook, and wash, making the building more affordable. The elimination of onsite gas equipment from the building and units will improve tenant health, mitigating health issues and tenant turnover. 

Onsite renewable power paired with electrical vehicle charging stations also open another revenue stream for building owners while improving the air quality of the surrounding area by supporting electric vehicle adoption.

  • The All Electric Pathway also allows owners and portfolio managers to pursue green building certifications that can attract additional tenants and help the building stand out as a great place to live. Corporate owners can also meet various ESG commitments.     


  • Maximize ROI from energy efficiency upgrades by electrifying building systems
  • Eliminate onsite greenhouse gas emissions
  • Minimize tenant turnover through increased comfort
  • Meet corporate ESG goals
  • Add new building revenue streams through onsite renewables and electric vehicle charging
  • Make the building standout to potential tenants through low energy costs and electrical vehicle charging
  • Pursue green building certifications
  • Further increase building resilience to natural disasters

These programs are updated on a semi-quarterly basis and may not reflect the current offerings through your utility. Updated 8/24/22

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