The Electric-Forward Pathway builds on the improvements completed under the High Performance Pathway. This pathway focuses on completing building envelope improvements and efficiency upgrades while ensuring that the building’s electrical system is properly prepared to handle the increased electrical loads and onsite renewable energy production from the All-Electric Pathway. 

Improvements made under the Electric-Forward Pathway increase the building’s value and the resilience of the building’s systems. This pathway also reduces risks from old wiring and electrical panels like fires and shocks. Finally, it lays the groundwork for new revenue pathways under the All-Electric pathway like electric vehicle charging and solar power.


  • Increased water and energy savings
  • Resilient electrical system with fewer risks of fire
  • Increased tenant comfort and lower unit turnover
  • Future proof the building against legislative requirements
  • Increased property value
  • Prepares the building to add new revenue streams like solar and electrical vehicle charging
  • Extends the lifetime of the roof

These programs are updated on a quarterly basis and may not reflect the current offerings through your utility.

Updated on 10/3/23

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