High Performance


This pathway focuses on improving the building envelope and efficiency upgrades to reduce energy and water use throughout the building. The High Performance Pathway lays the foundation for your green building project by ensuring that the building’s essential systems, the envelope, hot water, appliances, lighting, and heating and cooling equipment are modernized and functioning properly. This pathway will also ensure that the return on investments made in the Electric Forward and All Electric Pathways are fully realized.

The High Performance Pathway also ensures that tenant health and comfort are improved which can help mitigate issues with tenant maintenance requests and unit turnover. Building owners beginning with the High Performance Pathway can expect to gain a deeper understanding of how their building is functioning as a system and what areas they should focus on improving first to see the quickest return on their investment.


  • Lower overall operating and maintenance costs
  • Energy savings in common areas
  • Reduction of onsite greenhouse gas emissions
  • More resilient building systems
  • Increased tenant comfort prompting fewer issues
  • Fewer issues with pests
  • Significant savings on water use in the building

These programs are updated on a semi-quarterly basis and may not reflect the current offerings through your utility. Updated 8/24/22

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