Electrified Construction Coalition

In partnership with the City of Los Angeles and key figures in the real estate and construction sectors, USGBC-LA has established a coalition dedicated to introducing electric construction machinery to the broader Los Angeles area. This initiative encompasses expanding equipment availability and tackling issues related to cost, education, environmental sustainability, and infrastructure development.


We acknowledge that electrified construction equipment has the capacity to:

  • Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions associated with construction sites.
  • Lower operational and maintenance expenses.
  • Decrease air pollution while enhancing the air quality for both workers and local residents.
  • Minimize noise pollution for the benefit of workers and the community.


Currently, there is insufficient infrastructure knowledge and support in the United States to facilitate on-site implementation and utilization of this equipment. As a result, equipment accessibility is highly limited. Our collective goal is to enhance awareness and accessibility to these solutions, transforming clean construction into a tangible reality, positioning Los Angeles as a worldwide pioneer in addressing this concern, and reshaping the perception of environmentally harmful construction sites in our urban areas.

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This guide serves as your gateway to building a greener and more sustainable world. Collaborate with us and help influence the development of electrified construction practices today!

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We’re on the lookout for partners to showcase the regional possibilities by offering discounted or rental equipment, as well as pilot construction sites, charging infrastructure, and additional support for electrified construction initiatives in California.

We will actively bring together partners, help develop pilot projects, and promote available equipment to demonstrate:

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Cranes, Excavators, Rollers, Drilling Rigs

Cement Mixers, Loaders, Backhoes, Dumpers, Lifts

Forklifts, Lighting, Generators, Rammers, Tools

Renewables, Energy Storage, Charging


This is a unique chance to join a cohort of visionaries shaping the construction industry’s future, and your involvement will result in:

  • Participation in press releases and other media activities.
  • Opportunities to participate in case studies and speak on relevant topics.
  • Hands-on learning experiences for you and your team.
  • Exclusive access to cutting-edge electrified construction equipment at reduced rates.
  • Decreased emissions, air and noise pollution, as well as reduced operational expenses on construction sites.
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Please contact Ben Stapleton, Executive Director, for more information and help bring clean construction home today!

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