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Green Homes LA is focused on bringing a holistic approach to greening single-family and multi-family housing in lower-income communities. Whether you are a tenant, multifamily building owner, portfolio manager, or homeowner, we have the resources to help you plan, fund, and execute projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower operational and utility costs, and improve occupant health.

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When it comes to managing buildings, we understand the complex and shifting needs of multifamily building owners, operators, and portfolio managers. As the state and federal government implements new legislation barring new natural gas hookups and gas-powered vehicles, building owners face tough choices on how to comply with these changes. USGBC-LA is committed to providing resources to help owners improve efficiency and affordability across their building portfolios while addressing capital constraints and focusing on creating value. Our vision is to help building owners understand how high-performance multifamily retrofits help their bottom lines, while also providing resources to fund and achieve the successful implementation of green building projects. 


Resources for Green Multifamily Housing Owners and Managers:

Are you a multi-family building owner looking to start your green building journey? Explore our Electrification & Efficiency Menu for guidance on achieving full electrification through our green home pathways. Whether you’re a beginner or have already taken steps towards sustainability, each pathway offers project ideas and resources to reduce costs and maximize investments.

Private buildings in the City of Los Angeles, with an area exceeding 20,000 square feet, must comply with the Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Ordinance. This ordinance aims to measure and manage energy and water usage and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings throughout the city. To assist you in this process, USGBC-LA has developed a benchmarking guide designed explicitly for benchmarking your buildings.

Our objective is to decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) while increasing occupant health and utility cost savings in buildings located within disadvantaged communities. To accomplish this, we offer various resources such as resident engagement, project and rebate support for property owners and managers, low-to-no-cost installation of heat pump systems for space conditioning & domestic hot water, EV charging stations, and more! Each project has the potential to secure grant funding exceeding $30,000 for completing upgrades.

Currently limited to the Eastern San Fernando Valley, this tool identifies sources of greenhouse gas emissions within a building portfolio and identifies the most effective upgrades for reducing emissions and operational costs.

More resources for multifamily building owners and managers:

Green Homes LA aims to engage homeowners and residents of both multi-family and single-family buildings in the Los Angeles regions to conserve energy and water and save on utility costs while increasing occupant health. Roughly 41% of multi-family units in the City of Los Angeles are located in communities disproportionately burdened by environmental hazards and socioeconomic disadvantages, and tenants of all building types often face increased barriers to accessing sustainability resources. Our goal is to increase equitable access to technologies, rebate programs, educational materials, and other strategies that can be implemented today to make homes more sustainable and affordable.


Resources for tenants and residents/ Recursos para inquilinos y residentes:

Save money on utility costs with low-to-no-cost tips while also creating healthier and greener living spaces. Get started on your journey towards a more sustainable home with our tenant toolkit.

Homeowners will find some great advice here too!

Ahorre dinero en costos de servicios públicos con consejos de bajo costo o sin costo mientras crea espacios de vida más saludables y ecológicos. Comience su viaje hacia un hogar más sostenible con nuestro kit de herramientas para inquilinos. ¡Los propietarios también encontrarán buenos consejos aquí!

USGBC-LA has partnered with YellowTin to help take the guesswork out of decarbonizing your household. Any tenant or owner can enter their home address, create reports and plans to save energy, water, reduce emissions, and more. This is a free resource provided by USGBC-LA!

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USGBC-LA se ha asociado con YellowTin para ayudar a eliminar enrredos sobre la descarbonización de su hogar y estilo de vida. Cualquier inquilino o propietario puede ingresar la dirección de su casa, crear informes y planes para ahorrar energía, agua, reducir emisiones y más.

USGBC-LA’s Five Principles of Healthy Buildings provide residents with a framework for increasing occupant health and creating healthy, resilient spaces to live, work, and play.






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