Los Angeles Sustainability Executives Roundtable

The Los Angeles Sustainability Executives Roundtable (LASER) was founded to provide a convening body for the region’s top corporate sustainability executives, including leaders from among LA’s largest corporations.

LASER is dedicated to helping these companies reach their sustainability goals through roundtables, deep dives, white papers and case studies, and other resources

Based on peer-to-peer learning and cultivating relationships between members, LASER delivers a unique and intimate professional network that inspires, empowers, and supports a corporate landscape with a stronger consciousness towards environmentalism and sustainability that creates impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.  

LASER hosts roundtables, workshops, and tours focusing on important topics in sustainability that apply across sectors, as well as smaller more targeted interactive experiences including project charrettes, case studies, technology pilots, and more. LASER also works to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors to connect companies with local government, utility providers, and research institutions to highlight, enhance, and align their sustainability work with the broader work across our city and region.

LASER membership aims for high-level sustainability personnel from companies with a large physical footprint in the greater LA region. Some of our programs are also geared towards and available to facilities managers, engineers, coordinators, and others whose work touches on sustainability.

This program produces white papers, blueprints, best practice guides, and case study resources to help members improve sustainability across their organization more efficiently and effectively. 


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