USGBC-LA’s Annual Mini-Golf Tournament and House Party


USGBC-LA’s Annual Mini-Golf Tournament and House Party 2022 Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!


Let’s Par-tee!

USGBC-LA’s Annual Ping Pong Tournament has been moved outdoors and transformed into a House Party and Mini-Golf Tourney!



Join us outside of our home at the La Kretz Innovation Campus for an event you will never FORE-get! Come for the food trucks, the competition, the special guest DJ (hint: you already know him!), and the cold drinks, but stay for the networking and rejoining of our community at our first in-person event of the year! Let’s putt the fun back into fundraising as this annual event directly benefits the USGBC-LA Legacy Project.

Our Legacy Project this year is the Boyle Heights Resiliency Center, part of the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, a well-loved and respected local cultural institution. With plans featuring solar energy, water storage, battery backup power, and urban agriculture, the Hub aims to provide emergency training, communication services, and resources at a conveniently accessible community location.


This event is in collaboration with the Net Zero Conference 2021 and we can’t wait to see you all there!