Wildfire Defense Education and Tours

USGBC-LA’s Wildfire Defense Education and Tours promote awareness by providing resource guides by topic and expert advice to empower our community, property owners, designers, and managers to proactively reduce wildfire hazards and minimize losses.

Our region now faces a 365-days-a-year fire season with devastating and potentially deadly consequences. There are steps Angelenos can take to protect properties, mitigate the region’s fire danger, and increase the city’s resilience. Architects, builders, developers, urban planners, and landscapers have critical roles to play–keep reading to find out how the green building community is taking action! 

Download The FREE Toolkit

Download The FREE Toolkit

Learn more about impacts you can make on your property!

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Our goals with the Wildfire Defense Education Program are to provide:

Our tours showcase detailed risk reduction strategies, including up-to-date home-hardening and firewise landscaping strategies to professionals as well as the general public and residents, offering clear and substantive guidance for fire mitigation and safety.

Watch the recording of our Wildfire Defense Forum and Virtual Tours from the 2021 community event below to learn more about:
  • The importance of location in relation to fire pathways
  • Simple vs. complex design to minimize building heat traps
  • Low ignition materials and sealed building envelope
  • Effective defensible space 
  • Strategic (firewise native) plant choice and placement
  • Removal of highly flammable and invasive grasses and trees


USGBC-LA in collaboration with its Wildfire Defense Advisory group is developing a certification workshop for construction and landscaping professionals to build firewise professional expertise.

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Join Our Urban Landscaping Committee!

The USGBC-LA Urban Landscape Committee seeks to protect and expand access to high-quality green space. Our focus will be in the places where nature can have the greatest impact on community health and resilience–our public schools and youth in our local, historically excluded communities.

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Through our invaluable network of professionals that are part of USGBC-LA member base, we developed an engaging online toolkit as well as a certification workshop for construction and landscaping professionals that highlights best practices and educates on firewise strategies. The workshops will be launched soon!

Click here for valuable and comprehensive resources related to home-hardening and wildfire defense landscaping process resources.

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