The 2020 nominations period for the USGBC-LA Board of Directors is now open!

We’re excited to announce that the nominations period for candidates to apply for the USGBC-LA Board of Directors is now open! We are seeking multiple board members for the three-year term of 2020-2023. Nominees may be self-nominated or nominated by another USGBC-LA member. Nominees must be current USGBC-LA members (please confirm membership status here).  

Timeline & Process:

  • Nominations are due Tuesday, May 26th by midnight. Nominations must be submitted using this online form.
  • June: The list of nominees will be published to the membership for comments and endorsements.
  • July: The Nominations Committee reviews applications and nominates a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors. 
  • Late July: The approved slate is sent to the full USGBC-LA membership for a member vote.
  • August: Successful nominees attend their first Board Meeting and their sustainability adventure begins.

Note that all nominees remain in the pool of candidates and are eligible to reactivate their nomination in subsequent elections through notifying

The Board has adopted five criteria for evaluations of all candidates:

  1. Diversity of Industry Perspective – There is a particular interest by the Chapter for representation by members of the following industry sectors: Property Ownership & Management, Finance & Insurance, Product Manufacturing, Contractors & Builders, and Affordable Housing.
  2. Diversity of personal perspective and demonstrated passion in the green building movement and sustainability.
  3. Resources available to bring to USGBC-LA. Please note that there is a minimum fundraising expectation of ten thousand dollars annually, unless the nominee occupies a position that precludes the nominees ability to fundraise based upon conflict of interest.
  4. Previous experience with other boards and nonprofit organizations.
  5. History of commitment with USGBC, USGBC-LA, and/or similar organizations.

All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee. The Nominations Committee is composed of the following Chapter Leaders: 

  • Paul McGunnigle, Board Member and Chair of the Nominations Committee
  • Holly Hill, Board Chair
  • Sara Neff, Past Board Chair
  • Edmund Novy, Board Treasurer
  • John Egan, Board Member
  • Richard Ludt, Board Member
  • Ben Stapleton, Executive Director, US Green Building Council – Los Angeles

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